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Struggle to find the right words when speaking English

Experience moments of blank-mindedness

Get puzzled by translating from your native language to English, especially with tense usage

Feel stressed about English Tenses & Grammar Rules

Cringe at your local pronunciation of English Words

Aspire to boost your Vocabulary like your peers, coworkers, or supervisor, but lack a clear path to mastery

Lack Confidence while Speaking

Fear Speaking In Public

This course will help you overcome these challenges and transform you into a confident and successful English speaker.

To Enhance your chance of promotion or land you a dream Job

To write Emails that literally force people to respond

To dominate in official Emails, Presentations & Virtual meetings

To Master the art of public speaking

To support your child's education & engaging with teachers during PTM

To build a strong personality in the professional network

Ultimate Fluncy Level-up Challenge

Total 60 Live Classes (Weekly 5 Live Classes)
Live Practice in the Class
Downloadable Worksheet and Notes
Course Duration: 3 Months

Total Worth: ₹30,000
Basic English Grammar

30+ videos on Basic English Grammar
2 hours of video content
PDF's and Worksheet for the future referral
Life Time Access

Total Worth: ₹3,999
Vocabulary Booster

5 Module of Video Training
150+ Video Lessons
25+ Hours of Video Content
Downloadable Course Workbook of 25+ pages
Get Instant Access within 15 Minutes

Total Worth: ₹6,000
Listening Practice

2 Modules of Video & Audio Training
45 Audio Lessons
7.5 Hours of Audio Content
Course Workbook of 25 Pages
Get Instant Access within 15 Minutes

Total Worth: ₹4,000
Reading Practice

45 Reading practice lessons with Quize
45 Transcript
Video for Improving Reading skills
Course Workbook of 25 Pages
Get Instant Access within 15 Minutes

Total Worth: ₹5,000
Everyday English

Conversational English Video
46+ Video Lessons
30+ Hours of video Content
Downloable Course Workbook of 25 Pages
Get Instant Access within 15 Minutes

Total Worth: ₹4,500
Pronunciation Mastery

5 Module of Video Training
30+ Video Lessons
34+ Hours of Video Content
Course Workbook of 20 Pages
Get Instant Access within 15 Minutes

Total Worth: ₹4,000

Yes! I Want To Speak Fluently & Fearlessly!

Hi, I'm Your Coach

Sutanu Majumder 

TESOL Certified ESL teacher & English Confidence Coach
6000+ Students
9.5+ Average Rating on Trustpilot

I am Sutanu Majumder,  a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certified  ESL (English as a second language) teacher, Personality Development Trainer & 5 times JOSH TALKS Speaker.

I have  trained 6000+ Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Individuals across the globe.

I have received 9.5+ Average Ratings for the Ultimate English Fluency Course.

I  started her career as a Mechanical Engineer, but my passion dragged me into the Training field.

Therefore, I gave up my highly paid 9-5 job and started re-educating myself. 

I have completed the TESOL Certification, Image Consulting & Personality development course.

At present, I  am running my online English Courses successfully. In the last 3Yrs, I have trained over 25K+ students across the globe.

I am  on a mission to reach nook & corner of India & help people to speak fluently, clearly & naturally in English, so that they can confidently join any English conversation & give their opinion.

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Yes! I Want To Speak Fluently & Fearlessly!

Here is how our mentees feel about the program

Yes! I Want To Speak Fluently & Fearlessly!

Who is this workshop for?


Are you a Coach or aspiring to be one and want to start selling your craft online, grow your reach and help people?


Are you a Trainer or aspiring to be one who wants to launch their business online and grow their audience?

Sales Executive or Corporate Team Leader

Are you a Sales Executive or Corporate Team Leader who wants to train their team, give presentations or convince people?

Business Owner or Freelancer

Are you a Business Owner or Freelancer who wants to convince their clients to do more business with them or collaborate with them?

Influencer or Content Creator

Are you an Influencer or Content Creator who struggles to create unique, stand out content that attracts millions of views?

Student & Job seeker 

Are you a student or a job seeker aiming to enhance your skills and increase your earning potential?

Public Speaker

Are you a Public Speaker who wants to be a phenomenal speaker and monetize your speaking/ consulting skills?


Are you a Consultant who wants to be a phenomenal speaker and monetize your consulting skills?

Working Professional

Are you a working professional who wants to grow in your professional life, and climb the corporate ladder?

Here’s how the Everyday English Speaking
Course will help you

You'll master precisely what to say in real-life situations:-

  • Engaging in phone conversations
  • Placing orders at restaurants
  • Navigating shopping, travel, and sightseeing
  • Discussing interests, relationships, and hobbies
  • And much more...

Enhance your conversational skills in English:-

  • Mastering agreement and disagreement expressions
  • Crafting invitations and requests effectively
  • Artfully giving criticism and advice
  • Expressing your thoughts and emotions with finesse

Unlock improved self-expression:-

  • Incorporate emotion into your speech with captivating expressions
  • Forge connections between your ideas seamlessly
  • Embrace the richness of idioms, slang, and phrasal verbs

Most importantly, here's what you'll gain:-

  • Participate in interactive live classes five days a week
  • Abundant opportunities to practice speaking with classmates and instructors
  • Earn rewards for your accomplishments

Yes! I Want To Speak Fluently & Fearlessly!

Here's a Summary of What you get

Total worth: 57,499/-

Your are getting Just for ₹83/day!

Yes! I Want To Speak Fluently & Fearlessly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duration of the course?

The course duration would be 3 Months

When will I get access after payment?

You will get Immediate access

How long will the access be for the recorded session?

You will get Lifetime access

Who will be the teacher?

It will be decided based on your current English level

How many students will be there in the group?

7 to 8 Students

What will be the LIVE class schedule?

(Mon, Web, FRI 11AM-12PM / 5PM-6PM / 7PM-8PM / 9PM-10 PM)

When does the class start?

On 1st April 2024